if, i can
i shall
hold your hand
and say, “you can trust me”
coz, right now
i trust myself

— Poem 2

Each human being is like a tree. With nutritious soil, water, and sunshine, it grows and grows. When the tree is young and skinny, a strong wind can break a branch or wreck the tree. But when it grows up, the big tree is no longer scared of wind or rain; it stands tall amid the challenge.

The tree does not know when it will grow big; it knows that when conditions are sufficient — if enough nutrition, water, sunshine, and protection are provided, it will grow big enough. The tree does not need to ask if it is doing enough to help the world. Simply being itself, it provides shelter to other animals and human beings during harsh weather. The tree does not need to do this alone. One tree can never grow as big as a mountain, but inside a forest of thousands of trees, a myriad forms of beautiful plants, animals, and minerals live.

We can imagine what happens when a forest of trees grows flowers and bears fruits — the forest becomes so lovely to visit and people from all around come to be nourished by its fruits.

My dream is to cultivate this forest with you all.

Olympic National Forest, Washington
Olympic National Forest, Washington (Getty Images)